Camp Waterfall has 3 rental cabins, each with a view of the river and the waterfall.

Each fully modern unit features well-equipped kitchens, including microwaves, bathrooms with showers, electric heat, and bedding provided.

The two bedroom cottages have a double bed in one room and twins in the other bedroom. Both of these cottages have screen porches. The one bedroom cottage has a double bed. It does not have a screen porch, but the screen house is just outside its door. There are no TVs. The cottages are old but they are well maintained and are continually being upgraded.

Cottage 1 is located immediately above the falls, with an excellent view from the dining room windows. There is a hide-a-bed in the living room. This two bedroom unit is closest to the docks.

Cabins 2 & 3 share the oldest building at the camp, built in 1939.

In this picture cabin 3 is on the right with the large screen porch, while the living room and dining room windows of cabin 2 are visible on the left.


Cabin 2 is a roomy one bedroom with a hide-a-bed and a davenport in the living room.



Cabin 3 is a smaller two bedroom with a futon in the living room. The large screen porch has two couches, which can be used as beds by people who like to sleep in the fresh air.